6 Human Needs Test

This is an unofficial, online version of original the "6 Human Needs questionnaire" (by Cloé Madanes).

It finds your top core needs - and then explains how to improve and balance your life.

Who is Cloé Madanes?

Cloé Madanes is a is a famous, award-winning teacher of family and strategic therapy.

Since 2002, she partnered with Tony Robbins, co-creating the field of strategic intervention. (More about her training program is here ).

Why this online test?

A few years ago, Cloé Madanes created an extremely valuable questionnaire for her students:

The "Six Human Needs" Test.

While brilliant and indespensible to many coaches and therapists, it was a bit tedious to fill out. (The questions needed to be both printed and scored manually).

So, to make it more convenient, I created this online version.

And with her permission, I've made it available to everyone.

Ever since, tens of thousands of people got more clarity on their lives.

Is it any good?

Cloé Madanes made the answer pages really, really insightful and thorough.

That's probably why it's still so valuable. Each one is almost a "roadmap" in life.

Many coaches and therapists still use this questionnaire to get deep insights into their clients much sooner, which saves everyone lots of time and money.

What's it like?

You'll get your results immediately

It's free. It's anonymous. No hoops to jump through. (You WON'T be asked for you email, etc).

There are quite a lot of questions (I'm working on big improvments), but seeing results is really worth it!

You'll get a link to your results - e.g. to share with friends, family, coaches, clients or mentors.


- Cezary Baginski




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